Privacy policy

In this section “We”, “Us” and “Our” means Rokstone Insurance Europe Ltd
We will process any personal information We obtain in the course of providing Our services to You in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation and in line with Our own Data Protection Policy. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and that You know how Your data is used and what Your rights are.
Rokstone Insurance Europe Ltd is the controller of Your data for the purpose of the sale and administration of Your contract of insurance and for the broking of any related finance arrangement. This means that We are the business that decides what your data is used for. If You have any questions about how we handle Your data, You can contact Our data protection representative at Our registered address:
Data Protection Representative

Unit 5 First Floor,
Corlurgan Business Park,
Ballinagh Road,
H12 TW61

Alternatively, You can email Us at
Your Insurers are:
Accelerant Insurance Europe SA

Bastion Tower,
Level 20, Place du Champ de Mars 5, 1050 Brussels.

We will share your personal information with Your Insurer. A full copy of Accelerant Insurance Europe SA privacy policy is available upon request

If you have Legal Expenses cover, your insurers are:
AmTrust International Underwriters DAC

This insurance is administered by MIS Underwriting Ltd and underwritten by AmTrust  International Underwriters DAC, Registered in Ireland. Company No. 169384 is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Registered office: 6-8 College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland.

and you can read Arc’s privacy policy at

You can also contact MIS’s data protection officer at
The Data Protection Officer

14a Jocelyn Street, Dundalk, Co Louth, A91 XNY2.
Telephone: 01 872 0179.
Email  -

We will use Your personal information to arrange and manage Your insurance Policy, including handling, underwriting and claims and issuing renewal documents and information to You or Your insurance broker. We will also use Your personal information to assess Your insurance application and provide information to credit reference agencies.

We may research, collect and use data about You from publicly available sources including social media and networking sites. We may use this data for the purposes set out in this notice, including fraud detection and prevention.

We may have to share Your personal information with other insurers, statutory bodies, regulatory authorities, Our business partners or agents providing services on Our behalf and other authorised bodies.

We will share your personal information with others:
• if We need to do this to manage Your Policy with Us
• including settling claims;
• for underwriting purposes, such as assessing your application
• and arranging Your Policy;
• for management information purposes;
• to prevent or detect crime, including fraud (see below);
• if We are required or permitted to do this by law
(for example, if
• We receive a legitimate request
• from the Gardaí or another authority); and/or
• if You have given Us permission.

You can ask for further information about Our use of Your personal information. If You require such information, please write to the Data Protection Officer at the above address, or as set out in the Endorsement entitled Identity of Insurers shown in The Schedule.

Preventing and detecting crime
We may use Your personal information to prevent crime. In order to prevent and detect crime We may:

a) check Your personal information against Our own databases; share it with fraud prevention agencies. Your personal information will be checked with and recorded by a fraud prevention agency. Other companies within the financial services industry may also search such fraud prevention agencies when You make an application to them for financial products (including credit, savings, insurance, stockbroking or money transmission services). If such companies suspect fraud, We will share Your relevant personal information with them.  The information We share may be used by those companies when making decisions about You.
You can find out which fraud prevention agencies are used by Us by writing to Our Data Protection Officer; and/or
b) share it with operators of registers available to the insurance industry to check information and prevent fraud. We may pass information relating to Your insurance Policy and any incident (such as an accident, theft or loss) to the operators of these registers, their agents and suppliers.

If you hold insurance against a liability that may be incurred by you against a third party, where for whatever reason you cannot be found or you become insolvent, or the court finds it just and equitable to so order, then your rights under the contract will be transferred to and vest in the third party even though they are not a party to the contract of insurance. The third party has a right to recover from the insurer the amount of any loss suffered by them. Where the third party reasonably believes that the policyholder has incurred a liability the third party will be entitled to seek and obtain information from your broker or us concerning:

  • the existence of the insurance contract,

  • who the insurer is,

  • the terms of the contract, and

  • whether the insurer has informed the insured person that the insurer intends to refuse liability under the contract

Dealing with others on your behalf
To help You manage Your insurance Policy, subject to answering security questions, We will deal with You or Your husband, wife or partner or any other person whom We reasonably believe to be acting for You if they call Us on Your behalf in connection with Your Policy or a claim relating to Your Policy. For Your protection only You can cancel Your Policy or change the contact address.

We may use Your personal information and information about Your use of Our products and services to carry out research and analysis.
We will only use Your personal information to market Our products and services to You if You agree to this.

Monitoring and recording
We may record or monitor calls for training purposes, to improve the quality of Our service and to prevent and detect fraud. We may also use CCTV recording equipment in and around Our premises. It is understood by You that any information provided to Us regarding You will be processed by Us for the purposes of providing insurance, handling any claims and any other related purpose and which may require providing such information to third parties (including Our group companies). As a result We may transfer Your personal information to a destination outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”) but we will always take the necessary steps to ensure that Your information is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy.

We will collect your personal data when you visit our website, where we will collect your unique online electronic identifier; this is commonly known as an IP address.
We will also collect electronic personal data when you visit our website where we will place a small text file that is commonly known as a cookie on your computer. Cookies are used to identify visitors and to simplify accessibility, and to monitor visitor behaviour when viewing website content, navigating our website and when using features

Further information
You are entitled to receive a copy of any of Your personal information We hold. If You would like to receive a copy, or if You would like further information on, or wish to complain about, the way that We use Your personal information, please write to the Data Protection Officer at the Registered office addresses stated above. If We change the way that We use Your personal information, We will write to You to let You know. If You do not agree to that change in use, You must let Us know as soon as possible by writing to Us at the address referred to above.  You have the right to complain to the Data Protection Commission at any time if You object to the way We use Your personal information. For more information please go to